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Keeper of Los Things
by Ruth Hogan

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At first I was not enjoying the book but as the story unfolded it produced more levels to the story and I began to look forward to reading more.

The Day The World Came To Town Paperback
by Jim Defede

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Informative and uplifting read

by Courtney Summers

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Sadie combines narrative formatting with a podcast to follow the trail of a missing, but presumed alive, girl with the search for the murderer of the younger sister of the girl. An intriguing story. A compelling style. A YA book that satisfies the adult reader

A Burning
by Megha Majumdar

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Loved it! Very timely and suspenseful!

The Dry Grass Of August
by Anna Jean Mayhew

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A coming of age novel set in NC in the 1950s. Few books make me cry, but this one had me in tears.

The A.i. Who Loved Me
by Alyssa Cole

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A quick, cute multiracial story that's a little more scifi than the premise lets on. The different voice actors were good--screen actors, so there's a little more oomph to the narration--and a lot of the societal details not far fetched (living and working in corporate complexes, like if Google or Facebook or Microsoft actually had cities for all its employees, and you're indebted to them for life). That Trinity hasn't caught on fairly quickly that Li Wei wasn't human is fine--it looked like she was just trying to be considerate of his initial weirdness. But what brings them together is where the story suddenly takes a surprising turn deeper into scifi territory. Will be interesting to see how the next story in the series will turn out.

Homebody Joanna Gaines
by Joanna Gaines

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Homebody by Joanna Gaines was an experience to read just for the visual effects of the book! So many great descriptions on different ways of designing the interior (and exterior) of your house. Great read for any time of the year.

His Wicked Reputation
by Madeline Hunter

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Mary Jane Wells did a good job with Gareth’s voice, reaching a lower pitch most female voice actors can’t reach. It was slow to start but I liked the art theft at the center of the story. There’s also the greater theme across the three books in this series of the possible murder of Gareth’s half-brother, Percy, a malicious sort who’s one of three legitimate son’s of Gareth’s duke father. (The two other brothers, Ives and Lance, get their own books.) But since the subsequent voice actor’s narration made the 30-something year old men sound like old coots, I won’t be listening to the rest of the series.

Bud Not Buddy
by Christopher Paul Curtis

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Loved Reading this to my son. This introduced racial inequality and taught a valuable lesson on appreciating what you have. It's easy to fall in love with Bud's positive attitude.

Then She was Gone
by Lisa Jewell

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I read this book in a few short days. It was my first book by this author, and I look forward to reading many more! You did not want to stop reading! Some of the details were a bit unsettling at times, but made it a very interesting mystery!

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